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hello, my plugin 3D Flipbook which I purchase stop working all together can you please advice? I am using WordPress 2 1 2019-08-08
Could i use this on social media as a facebook post on my page ? could this go live on facebook page !! if yes , how i do 2 1 2019-08-08
HI Just purchased this after testing the light version. On Chrome the light version works great, but on Edge I get “Item 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi I bought your plugin but there is no way to see an icon to download the pdf ! I’m using pdf with Thumbnail and 2 3 2019-08-08
Is there any chance to add this in a wix-page? 2 1 2019-08-08
On the iPhone the flipbook doesn’t render properly. All I see is the < Arrow. The left page is to the far right.. 2 2 2019-08-08
Hi, I amb looking to purchase it, but I don’t understand how to open to a specific page. I am doing it correctly ? option 2 1 2019-08-08
Hello, i use your plugin on my website http://www.kirche-sdh.de/side/pfarrbrief/. But somenthink is wrong. the plugin takes 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, I got the same problem of some comment that was not success to upload the pdf files its seem to stuck, no movement and 1 0 2019-08-08
Updated to new version 1.9. The PDF has hyperlinks embedded in the pdf. Works perfect. When I add viseo through pages 2 7 2019-08-08
Hi, can i insert link inside this flip book plugin? especially the content link 2 1 2019-08-08
1.Wanted to load pdf starting with page 5 2. Tried to type the ‘=’ character after string ‘fb3d-page’ in Flipbook GUI 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi – I love the plugin. Have 2 questions though. When I use the shortcode in a post, it takes a good 4-5 seconds for the 2 5 2019-08-08
Just updated to latest version and now TOC shows <$tr>Bookmarks <$tr> Thumbnails <$tr> Search Why is 2 2 2019-08-08
I use my zenfone2 to open it, and i can’t see all buttons. Is this plugin responsive? 2 1 2019-08-08
when we select html, images – Please wait! The book is processing… and nothing happens 2 1 2019-08-08
Hey, I’ve added a flipbook to one of my website portfolio pages but it asked for visitors to login, any idea how to fix 2 3 2019-08-08
1. Maximum how many pdf files I can upload, I mean is there any limit? because we have more than 800+ pdf books. 2. What 2 1 2019-08-08
Please explain the new books gallery feature. Thanks 2 8 2019-08-08
Hi, I am trying to upload a pdf file but for the past four hours the screen reads “Please wait! The book is 2 1 2019-08-08
I cannot down load this which I have 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, I am trying to upload a pdf file but for the past two hours the screen reads “Please wait! The book is 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, I bought your plugin and I have a problem on my images. here is a video capture of the 2 1 2019-08-08
Is it possible to insert pdf over 8mb? I have pdf brochures about 20mb each! 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi We have you plugin ruuning in some projects but in all of them we have the same problem, that´s no matter how many pages 2 3 2019-08-08