3D FlipBook Controls customization

The example shows how you can embed PDF into your page using 3D FlipBook jQuery plugin. It demonstrates how to customize the toolbar. Some coding skills are required, but not much. Create a div:

  <div class="sample-container"></div>

Do not forget to set required height for the div container. Add script:

  <script type="text/javascript">
      pdf: 'books/pdf/CondoLiving.pdf',
      controlsProps: {
        downloadURL: 'books/pdf/CondoLiving.pdf',
        actions: {
          cmdBackward: {
            code: 37,
          cmdForward: {
            code: 39
          cmdSave: {
            code: 68,
            flags: 1,
        loadingAnimation: {
          book: false
        autoResolution: {
          enabled: false
        scale: {
          max: 4

controlsProps binds some keyboard keys for toolbar actions, set download URL, disable embedded page loading animation, disable auto resolution, set 4x maximum zoom. See all list of the controls properties in the API documentation.