3D FlipBook PDF links & bookmarks

The example demonstrates how easily you can embed PDF with links and bookmarks into your page using 3D FlipBook jQuery plugin. Also it demonstrates how to use propertiesCallback function. Some coding skills are required, but not much. Create a div:

  <div class="sample-container"></div>

Do not forget to set required height for the div container. Add script:

  <script type="text/javascript">
      pdf: 'books/pdf/FoxitPdfSdk.pdf',
      propertiesCallback: function(props) {
        props.page.depth *= 0.7;
        props.cover.padding = 0.002;
        return props;
      controlsProps: {
        downloadURL: 'books/pdf/FoxitPdfSdk.pdf',
        actions: {
          cmdSmartPan: {
            enabled: true,
            enabledInNarrow: true

propertiesCallback reduces pages thickness and adds paddings for the covers. See all list of properties in the API documentation. To see the PDF bookmarks click the button on toolbar.