3D FlipBook Support

Title Date
Congratulations. good job! Is it possible to have a separate audio file on each page? (We used flash before. We have a 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, i just installed the flip book on a web site and i can’t figure out how to make the download button visible. I have 2 1 2019-08-08
Hello, Thank you for this plugin! he is doing very well! however I would like to add a border-shadow on my magazine, I do 2 4 2019-08-08
Hello, I have an angular js project and I created a library which basically loads and renders various pages in the sequence 3 3 2019-08-08
Hi I downloaded during freebie of the month. I tried to implement just like in the “simple pdf by jquery” example. Used 2 8 2019-08-08
Hello, I purchased the 3dflipbook script and it does not work. I had downloaded the demo version and it works perfectly, but 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi I was following up on an earlier question regarding the flipbook lightbox not closing on mobile versions. The close 1 0 2019-08-08
Hi, when using the search function for a word some PDFs show results but don’t highlight any of the searched words. I can 2 5 2019-08-08
How do I load a new pdf into the container? How do I destroy the flipbook? 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi Team, My name is Ragin a freelance Web developer. I want to integrate the flipbook to my webpage. is that pssobile? 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, I am having some issues with the plugin on mobile browsers. I have purchased the jquery only plugin and have 2 2 2019-08-08
How hard would it be to include a rotate feature? 2 2 2019-08-08
Hi – I need to set the zoom so I can zoom in more. How is that done? The documentation is a little vague and there is no 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi – we are a public library, and would like to use FlipBook for some pdf’s that have images on them. I would like to 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, thank you for this great plugin. I downloaded it when it was the month’s free item. In fullscreen my website’s fixed 2 4 2019-08-08
Hi, Is there anyway to style the blank pages that are generated automatically by the plugin? Thanks. 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, I just purchased this plugin and downloaded it but when I try to install it on my wordpress site it fails, saying it 1 0 2019-08-08
I am having problems getting html layers to work in IE so I took a look at the Embedded Video example in the download but 2 3 2019-08-08
Sorry another question I have looked a the examples and cannot find out how to deep link to a different page. I want to be 1 1 2019-08-08
Hi, I just purchased the jquery plugin version of 3D Flipbook and all looks good so far A few questions 1. How to I set 3 3 2019-08-08
When a landscape pdf is added the pages are squeezed. On other pages when two pages are shown both are squeezed. How a 4 9 2019-08-08
Hello I have one problem I am trying to load pdf with 104 page, and is getting error, do you have any wait to fix that? and I 2 1 2019-08-08
Hello, I used the plugin on a project but I have an issue with Firefox. The plugin render well in google chrome/safari but 2 1 2019-08-08
The zip file is not uploading as a plugin on WordPress. The instructions say the zip is located at /dist but I can’t seem 2 1 2019-08-08
Could you make the Table of contents look like this? The first change I am requesting is to show the cover on a single, row, 2 1 2019-08-08