3D FlipBook - Flipbook Freezing for iPhone users


We are urgently in need of some tech support with our 3D FlipBook Wordpress Plugin. We have had a large number of customers contacting us having trouble viewing the Flipbook on their devices. • Our site is running Version: 1.15.0 of the plugin. Below is a list of different devices that our staff ran tests on and it seems that iOS/iPhone users are the ones having issues viewing the flipbook.

iPhone8 - Can get to about page 10 and then it freezes. Can zoom in and out by touch but not with the plus and minus icons iPhone XS - got through all the pages and then it frozes. Deleted from browser and got back in a few times. iPad (maybe about 3 years old) - Working as it should. iPhone 11 Pro Max - Flipbook worked nicely and then started to freeze at about page 6. Refreshed the page and it still did the same. iPhone 14 with iOS version 16.2 - Flipbook was freezing. Samsung s21 ultra, Android 13 One UI 4.1 - No issues iPhone 11 - The flipbook was working and then tried to flip back and it refreshed the page. Then did it again and it froze on page 11. Samsung Galaxy A33 (Android) - Working as should be. Google Pixel 4 - Working as it should be.

Any help or support you can provide would be very appreciated.



thank you, working on the issue. please check https://3dflipbook.net/question?id=2535 and https://3dflipbook.net/question?id=2562 , it can be helpful.

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