3D FlipBook Support

Title Date
Hello, I do not have the UnReal Flipbook section in my Visual Composer modules … Here is my email: contact@jasonvallee.fr 2 1 2019-08-08
Great plugin! Before we purchase we wanted to know how can we add a shadow behind the PDF in flip view like in this one 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, How can i use fullscreen on mobile? It doesn’t work :-( You can see that on : http://www.unchefatoulouse.fr/#menus 2 5 2019-08-08
Hi there, I just bought your plugin and tried to install it on my wordpress site but it won’t work…is there any trick to 2 1 2019-08-08
Great job. 2 1 2019-08-08
The developer of this plugin is available, pleasant and very reactive. It is perfect and its plugin too. Thank you Ivan 2 1 2019-08-08
I just purchased this plugin and received this message while trying to install it: Installing Plugin from uploaded file: 2 6 2019-08-08
Hi, Please can you update post.php to make the flip books themselves not appear in searches using ‘exclude_from_search’. 2 1 2019-08-08
Recently purchased this code and having an issue with the display of a test publication. Not sure why or how to fix but I am 2 9 2019-08-08
Each time I try to load the pro plugin, after a bit it goes to a server error page. Any ideas on how to get it installed? 2 1 2019-08-08
I updated the plugin but now it doesn’t work. Not sure if my php version isn’t compatible or what. How can I put the 2 5 2019-08-08
That worked – thanks so much 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi – how can I get a text link to open the flip book the way the thumbnail does? 2 4 2019-08-08
hi dosent work this plugin my themes. canu look ?? www.grawebtasarim.com/wp-admin admindeneme 21632163 2 2 2019-08-08
dosent work frame work ? [3d-flip-book id=8120 mode=thumbnail title=false template=short-white-book-view] 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, Great new update and thanks for the quick turnaround. Php 5.6 is now supported out of the box. It looks good, and works 2 13 2019-08-08
Hi everyone! Today was released version 1.3. PHP version was downgraded to 5.6 so you will not see problems like: Parse 1 0 2019-08-08
Question: Would there be a way to turn this into a portal for users to sign up and create their own flip books for a fee? I 2 2 2019-08-08
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’?’ in 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, My website hoster only supports php up to php 5.6. Please can you make the following updates to support php other than 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, Can you point me to where do you evaluate the path to the pdf file when showing the post? My wordpress is installed in a 2 9 2019-08-08
I just purchased Interactive 3D FlipBook Powered Physics Engine WordPress Plugin I know how to install a plugin in Word 2 11 2019-08-08
Eb tereze! Great work!) 2 1 2019-08-08
Hello ! I just purchase your plugin “Interactive 3D FlipBook” for wordpress, but i have a problem with the installation. 2 8 2019-08-08
awesome, very good work ! i wish you big sales ;) 2 1 2019-08-08