3D FlipBook - Flipbook not working with elementor, template is Sonaar, WP is Current version: 6.5.3


Hi developers. I am trying to install a flipbook on a page. In Elementor, in the development area, I can see the flip book successfully. But in preview, or when I push the page live, the space where it should be is there, but blank. Yet I can see it in developer mode.

The plugin notes (wish this was noticable before buying) that it has not been tested against the most recent version of WP, and there hasn't been an update in over a year. Thoughts as to why I can see it in the Elementor dev area on the website, but live, or preview, it disappears... but the space for it is still there?

Thank you! I was excited to buy this, and the ease of use seems great, but..... it's not crossing my finish line.


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