3D FlipBook - FlyingPress incompatibility



I post my WordPress forum question here as I've noticed that this support space is more active.

I appreciate your understanding and acknowledge your expertise. As I mentioned earlier, the challenge I’m facing doesn’t seem to be related to the plugin order.

I’ve previously asked for an email address to share a video demonstrating that the compatibility issue lies with the FlyingPress cache plugin. Unfortunately, it seems providing an email address is currently not an option. Therefore, I’ve included the video link here for your convenience:


To reiterate, we’ve conducted tests in a staging environment, utilizing plugins like Plugin Load Order to ensure 3dFlipBook is prioritized. Despite this, activating FlyingPress afterward still results in the persisting error. Deactivating FlyingPress allows everything to function seamlessly. It’s crucial to note that FlyingPress does not impact the plugin order.

I kindly request that we explore alternative possibilities together, acknowledging the time and effort already invested in resolving this matter. I’ve been grappling with this issue for several months, and your patience and expertise are immensely appreciated.

It appears there might be an incompatibility with the FlyingPress plugin.

Thank you for your understanding and collaborative spirit.

Best regards, Álex



Is this plugin being supported? If not, I would appreciate knowing.

Thank you in advance


I'm checking further the issue. And, in addition to the incompatibility with FlyingPress, the console errors indicates there are coding errors in the .js files from 3DFlipBook

1. Client.js -> Uncaught TypeError: (0 , _libs.$) is not a function:

widLightbox: (0,
                _libs.$)('\n        <div class="fb3d-modal">\n          <span class="cmd-close fa fa-times"></span>\n          <div class="mount-container">\n\n          </div>\n        </div>\n      '.fb3dQFilter()).appendTo("body") 

2.  3d-flip-book.min.js

var nullLowestDeltaTimeout, lowestDelta, toFix = ["wheel", "mousewheel", "DOMMouseScroll", "MozMousePixelScroll"], toBind = "onwheel"in document || document.documentMode >= 9 ? ["wheel"] : ["mousewheel", "DomMouseScroll", "MozMousePixelScroll"], slice = Array.prototype.slice;
        if ($.event.fixHooks)

if the support will not respond I will change the plugin, as having it like this is useless and the team do not help their users


Yes, this plugin is being supported, we already answered to you at https://wordpress.org/support/topic/incompatibility-with-cache-plugins-like-flyingpress/ - wrong scripts initialisation order jQuery is not defined. Did you contact FlyingPress?

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