3D FlipBook - Pre Q before buy for client


1 We are testing the plugin for a online/offline newspaper we have a questions...nah Can we make the thumb bigger we want to show it in a widget in the site page and make it open in lightbox so we use the shortcode generator PERFECT.. but in the oage we show it. https://drukkerijbelleman.nl/category/test/ the thumb is very small what how we make it larger and do you have a example (css)

2 can we make the plugin auto increment so the pdf changes name 952,953,954 every week. or can you build this.

3 can the plugin autolink articles who are on the site online from the epaper PDF

b.r Erik a humble builder.


  1. Yes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SbHrjTZATg&ab_channel=3DFlipBook , for pro version you can set default thumbnail height in the plugin settings.
  2. it is better to use query shortcode parameter.
  3. you can manually add links into your books.
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