3D FlipBook - Custom thumbnail images not showing on Phone and Tablet


I have created some Flipbooks using an image for the thumbnail. When viewed on desktop it works fine ( see image here: https://snipboard.io/CzFfju.jpg ). But when viewed on Mobile it doesn't work ( see image here: https://snipboard.io/4HgZV5.jpg ).

I have recreated these multiple times to correct, but they continue to be a problem. Please let me know what can be done to fix this.

This is on a staging server in a private directory. I would be happy to give you access, just not in a public forum. Please let me know if you'd like to view the site and how to give you login credentials privately.



I solved my problem by using the default thumbnail and adding 3D FlipBook container CSS classes and applying my custom styling: height: 300px;

What's curious about this issue is that I only have difficulty using custom image thumbnails when I have the light blue overlay shown in my screen shots. On other flipbooks without the blue overlay I have no problem with broken links to image files. This is strange because the blue overlay is all CSS and really shouldn't have any effect on the underlying image.

Oh well, at least I have figured out a solution.

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