3D FlipBook - jQuery Plugin - Squarespace


Squarespace doesn't allow access to the file system to upload the plugin directly to the site maintaining the directory structure. Would it be possible to use the jQuery Plugin with the most basic default options in a flat file structure and what files would be required?
I've uploaded jQuery, html2canvas, Three, pdf, pdf.worker, 3dflipbook.min and default-book-view javascript files with absolute paths to the scripts in the script html tags, and tried displaying them in div with the 'flip-book-container' class just like in the documentation, but it still doesn't load. I hoped it would still work but look weird without images or css but nothing loads at all. I can upload the files in the images, css, fonts, and templates directories but they won't be in their relative folders, which I assume is required for the plugin.

It takes so long to upload individual files into squarespace so I would love to not waste my time trying all of them if it's not going to work.



sorry, we do not have experience with Squarespace, so cannot help with this question. Plugin allows to set all paths manually check https://3dflipbook.net/embedded-video and read https://3dflipbook.net/documentation#using-in-frameworks

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