3D FlipBook - A few questions about your plugin



I have a few questions about your plugin :

  1. When I choose "single page view", when I go from one page to the other, there's a kind of motion between the pages... Is it possible to prevent this ? I mean when you're in single page view, you should only view one page, exactly like when you're viewing on iphone. Is it possible to have this behavior on bigger screens like desktop ?

  2. Sometimes when you click several times on the "next page" button, the page remains blank and doesn't refresh... Is it possible for you to solve this bug ?

  3. I chose the template called "search-book-view" and with this template, you cannot move the dark result page, and also the close button doesn't work. Could you please fix this close button issue ?

  4. About search, could it be possible to improve it a bit ? For example if you have accented caracters, then you have to search for this exact term otherwise it doesn't work. For example if I want to make a search on the word "écran" I have to type "écran". If I type "ecran" (without the accented e) nothing is displayed... Is it possible to improve this search so that it can work with the search "ecran" or "écran" ?

  5. When I'm on iphone, in portrait mode, the search bar is not there... Could it be possible to display it ? Can it be possible also to disable landscape mode ? Because landscape displays too small.

I'll be waiting for your answers.





Any chance you're going to answer me some day ?? I bought a licence and support was supposed to get included.

Please givbe me some answers.




  1. no, in single page mode the plugin centers the current page.
  2. we will research this issue.
  3. can you reproduce this issue for "The Three Musketeers" example at home page https://3dflipbook.net/ ?
  4. we will think about this, you are the first one who ask about this.
  5. only edit the skin/ add custom CSS.

Sorry for delays.

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