3D FlipBook - URGENT- html audio (how to stop loop and how to disable html audio when someone turns off


Hello. I'm using 3dflipbook and it is a great plugin! I'm really satisfied on the way it works. But I have two issues or improvements that i need to be done. First of all, I want to stop the audio loop. I have embed the audio html as it is described in the youtube video. But if I don't flip a page and remain for example at page 2, the audio of this page is on a continuous loop and does not stop after the end of it. I want the audio to play only once and stop the loop.

Second, I need either a play/pause button for the audio, or i need the audio to stop when someone disables the sounds from the toolbar on the botton of the flipbook. How am I supposed to do that?

Can you please send me the code needed to make those adjustments above?

Thank you in advance.

(website: www.kratasmystiko.gr )




  1. by default audio loop is disabled so it should play once;
  2. you need to use JavaScript to control audio element, there is not such function out of the box. Here you can find simple how to use JS on the book pages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekpAGfmPI5k

Excuse me but the plugin is full of bugs. i have added 4 different audio files in first 4 pages of my e-book. So what happens is that in the first two pages it loads only the audio file of the second page, and in the next two pages it loads both the audio files together. What the heck is that?

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