3D FlipBook - Connect WordPress Search with FlipBook Search



I'm working with a client who has bought a premium version of this plugin. They are looking to connect the WordPress search to the Flipbook search through customizations. I'm fairly certain I can get the search to land onto a specific page with the Flipbook but getting the query var to connect to the Flipbook JS seems like it might be an issue. It's difficult to tell with the JS being minified.

1) Is there an unminifed version of the scripts?

2) Would it be possible through customizations to link the WordPress search with a Flipbook search?

3) Does the Flipbook search script look for any specific URL query vars we may be able to use?




  1. pro version contains project files, so you can rebuild it to receive what ever you wish;
  2. yes, you do not need to look into project files at all, just have a look at skin with search field on toolbar;
  3. no.
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