3D FlipBook - Icon in (classic) editor tool panel


Hello 3dflipbook The 3DFlipbook is working very well and easy to work with, so thanks for that. However, I have a question about how to remove the 3DFlipbook icon from the Wordpress classic editor (see attached screenshot). The editor is used by another plugin - Student Notes. When the 3D-icon is clicked I get the message: cannot connect to insert application. There is absolutely no use for a 3D Flipbook in this context - maybe it is because of the shortcodes - so how do I remove it from the editor's panel? I have downloaded the TinyMCE plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/tinymce-advanced/) however the 3dFlipbook-icon is not visible (may be added when the editor is activated). My site consists of WP, LearnDash, Peepso, Student Notes and 3DFlipbook - and uses the Gecko Theme.

I have the same issue with LearnDash where an invisible icon gives me the option to insert shortcodes :)

Kind regards Per




This button works fine in classic editor: https://wordpress.org/plugins/classic-editor/; if you want to disable it, comment:

add_action('init', '\iberezansky\fb3d\add_tinymce_plugins');

in insert.php

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