3D FlipBook - Thumbnail cache issue when PDF changes


The problem is that the auto thumbnail .png filename is based on the post/page ID, which does not change. So every time the PDF is changed/swapped, the thumbnail filename does not change. For example, it stays as 120000.png. I just had to put special case rules for expiration in the apache config, but ideally the plugin should use a random filename when generating the thumbnail. If random is too hard, then maybe use the unix timestamp of the PDF file itself for the filename. The way it is currently coded, since the same filename is used, browsers may not see that the file changed and will use the cache expiration of the old thumbnail. On our site, that means 30 days.

( I replied to this old thread - https://3dflipbook.net/question?id=1906 - but maybe this software does not notify since I noticed it did not move the thread to the top of the question list )


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