3D FlipBook - Is there a way I can share a Flipbook?


Hi Is there a way I can share a Flipbook, so I can get a link that goes directly to a Flipbook?

I would like to share a Flipbook on a LinkedIn post, instead of it going to the Flipbook page on our website https://brunsgaard.as/kataloger/

Best regards Thomas Frost



It only works on your website, as this is how they programmed the plugin, it would be impossible for it to open or work elsewhere outside of the server. Unless LinkedIn allowed plugins, in which they do not, sharing it there as a post would be just sharing the pdf as it is. If its just not wanting them to be able to print your book, you will have to first protect the pdf in something like Foxit, I use this and love it. No one can print, change, or do anything unless you allow it. It also allows you to make changes that follow the pdf. It will not be fancy, but the upgraded Foxit allows viewing in 3d too. I just got the update, so I cannot tell you if it does what this plugin does. But when working, this plugin is pretty cool to have onsite!

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