3D FlipBook - FlipBook not loading for page viewers



I'm having an issue as of recent where the flipbook won't load for anyone. The flipbook does however load perfectly when I log into the WP backend and then view the page in a seperate tab. I have tried deleting the content/pages and recreating it, deleting and recreating the flipbooks, uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin. Deactivating several caching/optimisation plugins, security plugins and an Instagram feed plugin - all to which had no success and almost broke my site. The FlipBooks were working at least a couple weeks back.

This is the page the FlipBook is on https://www.todatoes.com.au/magazine/

Any help with this would be amazing!

Ps. I tried to find a contact email for the dev support for this plugin and couldn't find anything, so encase I can't resolve this here, does anyone have a plugin support email?


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