3D FlipBook - Preview of a flipbook and page source


Hi, I'm thinking about buying the pro version but I didn't find information about two things I would like to know- Is it possible to make a preview of a flipbook to non sign in users? and if it's possible, will they be able to see the original file in the page source? General speaking, if I disable download and share button, can users still find the original PDF file in the page source?

My goal is to sell online books, and limit the time a user can access a book, therefore I don't want users to be able to download the files...

thank you!



Hi, flipbook is based on regular WordPress post so if you can find preview for the posts so it should work for books as well. PDF url is decoded using b64 encoding but anyway you can find it on the network tab of the browser debugger. So it is better to use images collection for security reasons.

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