3D FlipBook - ios iphone 6 and ipad has problem of leading images


Hi thanks for previous answers, On ios/iphone6 images loading has an issue, is there any limitation on ios, I have checked on virtual devices for both chrome/safari it wont load images, where as small icons load sometime.

iphone6 https://prnt.sc/1li4qly

default view https://prnt.sc/1libeiy

after click on image placeholder https://prnt.sc/1libkxd

ipad pro https://prnt.sc/1liekjz

please let me is it some issue on ios or I have to add something at the time of initialization for ios flipbook v1.7



Hi, Do you use HTML page sources? if you do - yes safari has this issue, if an image is not cached it sometimes does not draw it. iOS chrome is just a skin for iOS safari - they work the same.

We tried to use data urls, force loading: img.loading = 'eager' - zero result.

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