3D FlipBook - Collecting payment


How can I collect a payment from customers before they have access to the Flipbook? I have a print magazine and we want to sell the digital copy using Flipbook. So how do I collect this payment before they have access to the magazine? Does it integrate with Woocommerce or do I need to set up some sort of subscription plugin? (We have the Pro Version and the Skins.)



Add a membership to your site or use EDD plugin. With the membership, they can pay and then gain access to the book. With EDD, you can Add the payment button under the book preview. You want a small teaser, then inside the book you can even put pay now, and link it to a PayPal or Stripe. With Woo, it is the same process. You will still need some sort of preview to list as the picture. Then maybe some preview pages. After that, they can pay and gain acess to the download, or be given a password after payment to see the book on site, protected. Membership is better. 1.They can do a one time purchase if they only want to see a particular magazine. 2. you can have reoccurring or monthly membership, even weekly, for them to have acess to the latest magazine. When they do not pay, they cannot open the page where your magazines are listed. So do not forget to protect the link for the original book first. You do not want Google to index it. So you can do no-index and a no-follow in your SEO, for those special links. Then have the books on the membership page of your choice. Here is an example of a protected book on my site: https://randomnestfamily.org/3d-flip-book/family-bible-study-reading-plan/ and one from my Woo Store: https://randomnestfamily.org/product/21-days-of-devotions-for-21-days-of-praying-and-fasting/ Hope this helps. Randomnestfamily.org

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