3D FlipBook - PreSales Features


Hello, Installed WP plugin, Free version demonstrates capabilities. I have request before buying full/paid version:

  1. Will full version enable me to turn off sound?

  2. Can I change full screen background to something more on brand in full version?

  3. Can I enable bigger display size so full page is initial experience? I'd like it to be impressive soon as visitor clicks to page?

Overall plugin looks and works great. My site uses full width setting. I'd like to give visitor full page experience soon as they get to book rather than them having to select settings.

Sure all these are possible. Very interested to get full version so I can create client PDF to send demonstrations of work that are relevant to client needs. This prefereable to actually sending PDF in email as I don't want client to have PDF

Brilliant work, Thank you in advance.




  1. yes.
  2. yes - Style tab of the insert dialog.
  3. use thumbnail lightbox mode for this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COueCeQpeB4&t=60s
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