3D FlipBook - different PDF for button download



we want to configure a pdf on visor and another pdf for download button. But when click on download button, the pdf that downloads is the pdf configured for visor.

Here is the code that we use:

                pdfUrl: "/catalogs/pdf/pdf_a.pdf?2020",
                responsiveViewTreshold: 480,
                sound: false,
                btnDownloadPages: {
                    enabled: false
                btnDownloadPdf: {
                    forceDownload: true,
                    enabled: true,
                    title: "Descarregar en PDF",
                    icon: "fa-download",
                    url: "/catalogs/pdf/pdf_b.pdf",
                    openInNewWindow: true

As we show in the example, we want to load the pdf_a in the visor and for the download button we want to configure pdf_b. Is that possible? Why is not working?

For another part, we want to load in the visor a pdf with interactivity (with interactive pdf we mean that it has links, indexes, etc.), is that possible?

Thanks you.



Hi there, Yes, all of this is possible with our plugin https://3dflipbook.net/controls-customization, but it seems you use another plugin, not this one.

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