3D FlipBook - "Clean" search results


Hi Ivan,

We are testing the lite version of your plugin and it is perfect for us, the only flaw is in the search results on PDF, in fact the results are "dirty" because they include the data before / after our query. To make you understand better, you can take a look at the testing page ( https://wwb.montanstahl.com/test-plugin-pdf/ ), an our hypothetical customer could search for "IPN 120" or "HE 100 AA", by entering these terms in the search field, the values of other cells in the table will also be printed in the div elements. I would like to ask you if the PRO version handles this situation better or if it is due to the PDF formatting. Also I wanted to ask you if it is possible to add a listener to the search field, inside the "ready(scene)" function, so that I could truncate the strings.

Thank you very much for your attention, I thank you in advance,

Greetings, Alexander




As far as i remember, plugin extracts all text nodes from PDF page then merges lines on the same height, because very often text nodes contains only single words (they then go in those DIVs in results). Probably it is necessary to ad hits highlights in ToC as well in the future...

No there is no filters.

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