3D FlipBook - Ver 1.10.14 error : Time out without showing my book


I install the new version (Version 1.10.14) and upgrade to Pro today (on Feb 13 2021)

After installing this version my books aren't no more show : the system try to load it and after a couple of seconds (about 30sec) my system ask me "wanna wait or stop trying loading?" - when I stop my system (Windows10) give me that error code : "Code d'erreur : RESULT_CODE_HUNG"

With the previous version it was working fine...

One of the page where you can see this problem : https://columbarium.ch/documentations/columbariums-fr/

MAYBE COULD YOU BE SO KIND AS SENDIND ME THE 1.10.13 PRO VERSION BY EMAIL ? (so that I can reinstall that formrmer version) Thank you

PS: for information - I try the same on https://monument-funeraire.ch/ : with the ver 1.10.13 it still working fine / with the 1.10.14 the same problem appers....



Just checked: https://ibb.co/stTL8nx - works fine. Try to clear the browser cache.

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