3D FlipBook - Match PDF Page Label Numbers to 3D FlipBook Page Numbers


Hi, I have a PDF that is 892 pages. The first 26 pages are the table of contents, etc. so I do not want those pages to be numbered. The actual content begins on page 27. The way the PDF is currently setup is that the user can type in page 1 in Adobe and they will be taken to what is page 27 of the actual file, but it's page 1 of where the content begins. This was setup using page labels in Adobe Acrobat.

When I upload this file into 3D FlipBook, my page labels don't transfer over so if the user types in 1 they're taken to the 1st page of the actual file which is the cover page. How can I set this up so that either the uploaded file preserves the page labels I put in place OR setup 3D FlipBook to begin counting pages at page 27? The purpose for this is that our users want to be able to type in a specific page of the book and expect to go to that page, not a different page due to the additional pages from the table of contents. Thank you.



There is not such function in the plugin. I only can recommend to remove table of contents pages and use bookmarks as ToC.

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