3D FlipBook - Image problems


I am having constant image issues

i) can't select multiple images to populated a book - only one at a time (why) how it fix.

ii) sizing and editing problems. How can I make the many different proportion images I have fit page with out distortions?

iii) very little tutorial help with images on your support pages - (Seems like only PDF books get clear simple direction with video example. One example claiming to be a guid for image only books is seemingly only a PDF magazine version - which is of no help)

iv) I wonder can this plugin actually provide me with an simple image based flip book with some blank pages some text pages and control over the sizing problems mentioned.

I hope this is clear and look forward to the next step.




i) Plugin uses WP Media Library - it should work like everywhere. what is wrong could you record a video?

ii) Plugin supports images only in the same proportions.

iii) Here is an example with images https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erwZIWCU2EE

iv) The plugin supports PDF, images, HTMLs as sources, also you can use CSS layer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekpAGfmPI5k

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