3D FlipBook - Demo PDF won\'t even load but I also get a Flipbook function not defined error in another build


Well, here at work, I crammed the needed contents for this FlipBook into an existing Bootstrap template I already have, which has many bootstrap link references (css and .js) among some other files. While the Demo won't load and tells me to use the full version (seems counterintuitive to testing the demo) I get a bad Flipbook not found error in another build using the instructions given to build the Flipbook via the jQuery plugin. The error that appears is Uncaught TypeError: $(...).FlipBook is not a function. So I don't get this error inserting the html and js functions and jQuery function and script links into an existing file, but the Demo file won't load. But I get this error in a self-contained HTML file that has only the items listed in the instructions. This makes me think there's much more to this plugin than is listed in the instructions here. Please advised if other JQ or Bootstrap files are also needed for this. Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I have seen others getting this error, but no solution yet.



try to run the demo first without other scripts and styles - then add the dependencies step by step.

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