3D FlipBook - Using a tag with elements in the same html & print.css problem


Dear Team

Question 1 | HTML variant I looked around in the documentation and was disappointed to discover that only files from a folder can be read into this program. Is it possible to put a HTML part from the same document directly into the options at "src"? I have a page where I use AJAX to fetch products from the database and display them dynamically in a catalog. I don't always want to store HTML in a path to read it.

Question 2 | print.css The print version looks completely unstyled on my testing localhost. I have also tried to define the following attribute: printStyle: 'some.css' On the respective print page I see in the console that it appears in the head as reference. But no CSS properties want to work. The only way it works is if I open a <style> in the respective HTML and write it directly into it.

Otherwise I like your katallog! If we can solve these two things I would be very satisfied.

Friendly greetings Denny Ovcar FoodPort GmbH

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  1. No, files only.
  2. add into the 'print.css':
    body {
    background-color: red;

    it works: https://ibb.co/bNQ9H23

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