3D FlipBook - How to make FlipBook recognize page numbers like 001, 002, 003, etc.?


First of all I want to say THANK YOU for developing such a wonderful and powerful page-flipping software. After trying your jQuery sample program, I immediately made the purchase!

My question: I have HUNDREDS of scanned publications that I want to display online. The image files are named: 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, etc. However, I noticed that JQuery doesn't even recognize a page file with a zero in front of the page number. As a result, only a blank page is displayed.

Rather than renaming all my book's images files to (1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc. which doesn't sort well in Windows), is it possible for FlipBook to recognize .JPG file names/page numbers with a 1 or 2 zero prefix?



in jQuery version you need to generate url properly You receive page number n and you need to return appropriate URL for this page.

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