3D FlipBook - Drupal 9


Hi. Thank you for making this plugin available. I would like to use it with a Drupal 9 CMS which I am building. I want to have a button that will open a modal that displays a Flipbook for a PDF that I supply from the CMS.

I have download the zip file, and I'll take a look at it. Do you have any advice about installation? Do I need to compile or minify the JS?

I have previously been using a third-party module called "3dFlipbookViewer" on Drupal.org's website that integrates your plugin. However, it is written somewhat funny and too complicated. But furthermore, I had a bug that I could not work around. My CMS page displayed the PDF in a iFrame and then had a button for a modal that had a Flipbook. The PDF Viewer iFrame was working, but then stopped working. It looks like the JS interfered with the iFrame. is that possible?



Hi, i did not researched 3dFlipbookViewer, so i do not know. If you want to write your own wrapper for Drupal you can find all examples on this site, also see https://3dflipbook.net/documentation#general-approach

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