3D FlipBook - Video is not displayed on Chrome


I have embedded the video with this code


.video1 { width: 800px; height: 600px; position: absolute; left: 100px; top: 100px; }


On all browsers the video is shown optimally, except on Chrome. Here the video starts at the right position and you can interact with it, but it is not visible. What can I do?



I have the same issue! I need it to work in google chrome!


Having this same problem myself. It works on some systems with Chrome, but not on others. For instance on my fairly powerful laptop it wont display video in Chrome. I'm using windows 7, but it does display on my girlfriends cheap slow laptop in windows 10 Then again it wont on my brothers more powerful laptop running Windows 10, but it will on Chrome on my friends brand new Macbook. It will work though in all other browsers including Edge which uses the Chrome engine!! Not sure why anyone in the right mind would use Chrome nowadays as Firefox is so much better, and Edge slicker, but lots do.

The video is actually there, it's just not visible. You can click on it and even play it with some trial and error, just not see it.

Some have said it is a bug in Chrome, but it just seems so random. It doesnt appear to be a Chrome version problem. I've tried changing many of the settings in Chrome://flags to no avail.

So yes a solution would be nice.

Regards Dane


Hi guys, this bug appears after Chrome update less than a month ago. Chrome already had this issue but it was fixed. Now Chrome got a regression. I recommend to report this issue in Chrome support center: the more reports the quicker they fix this.

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