3D FlipBook - How to automatically start FlipBook in Full Screen Mode (not as lightbox!)


I´d like to automatically show a FlipBook in Full Screen Mode when loading a page. What I mean is NOT to show the book in full size on the page but the real Full Screen Mode you get, like when clicking that little icon in the footer bar.

So I already achived to show it as a lightbox: https://vivita.net/ausgabe-franken/

[3d-flip-book mode="link-lightbox" urlparam="fb3d-page" id="1369" title="false" lightbox="dark" classes="franken-131"][/3d-flip-book]

changing mode="link-lightbox" to mode="fullscreen" shows the book in full size on the page.



Unfortunately browsers do not allow to run full screen without a user action on a page after loading, in security reasons. The user has to click somewhere to start full screen. You can use lightbox="dark-shadow" for better effect.

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