3D FlipBook - Put behind paywall/categories issue


Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to get a pdf page behind a paywall. The issue I am having is, using the Paid Memberships Pro plugin, I need to be able to have the category from the post show up in my general categories section on Wordpress. I am pretty new to this stuff and was wondering if there is a way to link the 3D Flipbook categories with the WP categories or to just use the WP categories in a 3D Flipbook post. Or maybe if I could turn the book into a page so I could put it behind my membership plan? Is there any workaround I am missing?

I hope my question makes sense and I would really appreciate any help.



3D Flipbook categories are WP categories. And 3D Flipbook is based on WP post. So Paid Memberships Pro has to work with the plugin like with other WP pages/posts.

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