3D FlipBook - Create links for 360 degrees videos, 360 degrees images and panoramas


Hi Iberezansky,

I do not know why you never answer my question, this is what i want to do and i wanted you to advise me whether it is possible with the JQUERY VERSION. I want to create a flip book whereby the html content displayed and some images will be fetched from the database.

There will be LINKS for 360 degrees images and 360 degrees videos all from database. when a user clicks on any link it will display the image not an embedded image on the flip book but may be an overlay.

There will also be links for maps etc.

when a user searches the database, i want to save the search results and display them inform of a flip book(but not in form of a PDF)

I dont want to create a flip book in PDF since there is no need to share the PDF and i have seen generating the PDF takes time . I want to have the capacity to save the search in a session , when the user visits the site the next time, we shall show him a 'flip book like' search results he made last time.

Please advise as this information is central to my purchase decision.



Probably CSS layer + html sources is exactly what you need. Use CSS layer for dynamic content and HTML for static to render book online depending on database responses.

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