3D FlipBook - Searching for the right book issue


I bought your pro wordpress plugin. I will certainly vote 5 stars for it. However there are some issues:

  1. I created many books and when I want to insert it into posts, it is very difficult to find the right one. Can you add the search function for inserting flipbooks into posts.
  2. In the book admin table, there are only 2 columns: title and id. How can I show the category column. It would be more convenient for us to sort the book in admin. Your support and understanding would be highly appreciated. Thanks,



1) i will think about search feature in the future. at this moment you can use WP Dashboard search on page 'All Books' the click on found book. You will see in the browser url something like http://wordpress/wp-admin/post.php?post=1024&action=edit, where 1024 is ID for the found book in my case. You can use it in the shortcode instead of looking for the right book there. It is not the best thing but something for this moment.

2) all about book categories is the same to post categories so you need to find a plugin that provide this functions.

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