3D FlipBook - Avoid controls overlay


Cheers, here's a pic to help you visualize my problem: https://i.imgur.com/ardqpHm.jpg.

Left is how the plugin works by default, right is what I need. Basically I'd like the book canvas to occupy a fixed percentage of the view container's height (let's say 85%), and the controls div to fill the remaining part. I've tried tinkering with the css a bit but it looks like the canvas size is dynamically calculated through js rather than via css. Is it correct? Do you think it is possible to achieve what I have in mind? If so... could you suggest me the file that I'd have to modify?

Thank you in advance.



You need to edit template css for example 3d-flip-book/assets/css/short-white-book-view.css and 3d-flip-book/assets/templates/default-book-view.html Canvas occupy its parent div.view.

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