3D FlipBook - Support

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We meant to purchase the WordPress version, and instead purchased the Visual Composer version (which doesnt work for us), how 2 3 2019-08-08
is this for the New Visual Composer Website builder or the “original” Visual Composer plugin ? 2 1 2019-08-08
Can i know which are different with “Visual Composer FlipBook”, “jQuery” and “Word Press”? 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, we just recently bought the Visual Composer FlipBook Plugin but after installing it and using it found that it will not 1 0 2019-08-08
Just purchased the pro version and its very nice. My client wants to remove the upper and lower spaced on internal page. Is 2 1 2019-08-08
Is there any way to remove download and print icon from 3d flip book? Because we need to avoid downloading or print the book 2 1 2019-08-08
I would like to create menu a link that opens the light box. Is this possible? 2 1 2019-08-08
My second attempt here to get some help on this. I just bought the Unreal flip book file for $35 & ($2 handling?), and 2 1 2019-08-08
Hello, I just purchased and installed the plugin. But I noticed the pdf urls include “3d-flip-book” in them. How do I 2 2 2019-08-08
Hello, I just bought the Unreal flip book file for $35 & $2 handling, and uploaded it as a plugin to my wordpress site. 2 1 2019-08-08
Does it have search option and if no, can you add it for me? I want to add text and users can search for some words while 1 0 2019-08-08
Im experimenting problems with the plugin, there´s issues about the gutenberg version? 2 1 2019-08-08
Plugin: Visual Composer FlipBook Wordpress Purchase codes 97c532d3-009a-4604-905e-eb7d799cfc88 – 18 Dec 2018 I need to 2 2 2019-08-08
Hi there, My embed using visual is not appearing at all on iPhone, why is this happening? I did see a brief sentence on your 2 1 2019-08-08
I’ve got a major problem with this plugin, I tried the light version and bought the premium version hoping this would get 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi I love you plugin can you please help make the flip book full width throughout the page meaning the flip book is taking 2 5 2019-08-08
Why is it that every time I buy something from Envato, it never does the easy installation as prescribed. And no, I am not 2 1 2019-08-08
Hello, I have the Real3D Flipbook and Visual Composer add on, but i’m finding when I attempt to put it on my page, it 2 5 2019-08-08
Hi, I have a couple of problems which hopefully you can assist with; I originally downloaded the free version to test and 2 2 2019-08-08
I would like to purchase this plugin as it seems to fit all my requirements. But I would like to know if it’s possible to 2 2 2019-08-08
I have inserted an .mp3 audio in each page. How can I stop the songs when turning the page so they do not overlap? I tried 1 0 2019-08-08
Hi. How do I disable the scroll to zoom? 1 0 2019-08-08
I have purchased the wrong plugin. I need Wordpress plugin not Visual Composer as I use Divi. Please let me know who I 1 0 2019-08-08
Has anyone managed to play a youtube video automatically and stop when turning the page? I have seen that several people have 2 5 2019-08-08
Hi, I purchased unrela flipbook: 8 * 8 – 11 Jul 2018 REGULAR LICENSE Question: 1. Can I change the file path: 2 1 2019-08-08