3D FlipBook - Shortcode for Lightbox-Link doesn't work


Hi Support Team,

Our agency purchased your 3D-Flip-Book Plugin and we love it. Creating a catalogue Wordpress page, it showcases our product brochures tastefully.

See https://www.melowerbung.ch/kataloge-online/

In the Divi Theme Builder (Elegant Themes), I pasted the shortcode into the „Code Module“ - and it worked fantastic. But just for the first 4 catalogues.

Since hours I try to figure out what the problem is.

I created the shortcodes for the Lightbox-Link according to your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40UAZgebTNU

Pasting the Shortcode in the Divi Code module on an empty page, the Lightbox opens the catalogue view. It works perfect. See here: https://www.melowerbung.ch/k2/

But the same shortcode doesn’t work on this page: https://www.melowerbung.ch/kataloge-online/

I highly appreciate your help.

Greetings from Switzerland, Fanny


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