3D FlipBook - Black pages content in Tablet device


First of all, I know that someone has asked you about the same problem before, but the answer "the problem in the graphic driver, try to update software on your device" doesn't work in my case.

The issue is that the PDF content on the flipbook doesn’t show. It only shows black pages on every browser I use.

I have updated the Android version and browser versions (Chrome, Firefox and Opera) and then I have tried to debug via Chrome DevTools and I see on Network Tab the PDF source loads correctly but flipbook pages remain always black. I even tried with Chrome flags to experiment, but same result.

FinalIy, I tried to see PDF 3D flipbooks examples in your page (http://3dflipbook.net/formats), and the result in the tablet is the same.

So, as you answered, the problem is in the graphic driver. But I want to know if the only solution is to buy another Tablet (it means that is a hardware problem only) or if you are going to release a new version to solve this problem for older Android versions.

Thank you in advance.

Device: Samsung Galxy Tab A Android Version: 7.1.1 (updated) Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera (updated)


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