3D FlipBook - Problem With Light Body Type In Publications


For the last couple of years, I have utilized the light version of 3D FlipBook in WordPress. The only complaint I have is that the body type in our publications is consistently too light and not the normal darkness that it should be. I make our 11 x 17 publications in InDesign and make a PDF file of the finished publication. Then I bring that PDF into the media area of WordPress and bring that in to a new FlipBook. Everything looks exactly as it should except for the type which is too light.

Is there any way to darken the type up so it looks normal with any of your settings? I would be happy to send you an original PDF file that I bring into FlipBook if you would like. Or would purchasing the Pro Version of 3D FlipBook solve this problem with a certain setting?

Below is how to access a FlipBook page that people subscribe to:

Copy and paste the following link to your browser: http://baseballnews.com/feb-7-2020-cb-digital-edition/

When it comes up, type in this password: GreatPitchPicker

Thanks so much.



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