3D FlipBook - Licensing - Regular vs. Extended, Envato, gumroad.com, and support


Hi! About a year ago, we purchased three regular licenses (for 3 sites) for the 3D FlipBook WordPress Plugin Pro Edition, the first purchase was from Envato, the last two from gumroad.com. Envato is now nagging us to "Extend support for $18.75". How long does support last with a Regular license?

What is the difference between the Regular vs. Extended licenses?

Will I be offered to extend support for my gumroad.com licenses and if so, how much will that be?

Anything else you can tell me about licensing and support?



Thank you for buying through gumroad. Gumroad version has no time limits for support, if you have a desire to help to the project you can donate any amount when purchase the free version. Envato has huge fees for authors 30-70%, at this moment about 70% for me. Extended license is necessary for commercial web sites.

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