3D FlipBook - Support

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Hi, i just bought your flipbook plugin for wordpress, but if i choose thumbnail and Lightbox, the book stays small and 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi Guys, I like this plugin is very easy to work with. I have a problem, suddenly stop showing the books just appear 3 4 2019-08-08
Hello iberezansky – I’m having a great time with the 3D Flip Book Pro! It’s a really great product. There is one 2 6 2019-08-08
In case of use this plugin on sub directory of wordpress, It occur an error like this. [You have an error in your SQL 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi Ivan! I have purchased the plugin. After i have integrated my pdf into page it needs much time to load, but my pdf has 2 3 2019-08-08
hi , i’m using its ( wordpress 3d flipbook plugin) Light version (free) & facing some problem. its need more time to 2 5 2019-08-08
Hi.. i need to create few hyperlink in my pdf can u please help me 4 4 2019-08-08
When I download the free version I get this folder. 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, I just downloaded this and I don’t understand the steps in the readme file. This isn’t a plugin you can just extract 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi I have just purchased your plugin 3D FlipBook and I have a question. When I check out your examples and the PDF magazine 2 1 2019-08-08
hello, i just purchased 3d flipbook and i have a problem. I create a flipbook from pdf and before publishing preview and 2 1 2019-08-08
Hello Does the plugin supports Multi Site? 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi! I am very interesting in you plugin! I have noticed that when i open it on mobile the pdf books don´t load ..(iphone – 2 2 2019-08-08
Hi, Ivan, thank you so much for such a great plugin ever. I used to work with many FlipBooks before, but your one is the real 2 2 2019-08-08
Hey Presale Question Is the plugin compatible for MultiSite? 2 1 2019-08-08
HI there, I installed your plugin on our website and it looks good, however it has a huge amount of white space under it. How 2 5 2019-08-08
Is there a way to make the load time faster for the icons? Experiencing a significant delay in them appearing on the page 2 1 2019-08-08
my purchase code is 995745b5-f81d-4243-9337-41de9a7a83da 1 0 2019-08-08
Note that the .zip plugin does not upload to WPress. I had no problem with the demo version so I went ahead and purchased the 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi, we bought the plugin but it doesn’t work with some pdf. It doesn’t depend by size or number of pages, because with 2 1 2019-08-08
Flipbooks are only working in Chrome and iphone browser. Please help. 2 3 2019-08-08
Hi, I like this plugin, I bought it pro version. How can I disable DOWNLOAD button in control property. I seen other in 1 1 2019-08-08
Could you please tell me how to set “search” as default instead of ” Bookmark” in fanv TOC? When I click TOC button, 2 1 2019-08-08
Hi Before purchasing, can the pro version disable the zoom on the flip book? Currently I am using the free version and 2 1 2019-08-08
I want to buy, but first i have a question: I want to know if I can use the plugin at all my sites domains, or only at one 2 1 2019-08-08